Embracing Change and Hospitality at Larroque Haute Gites!

In February 2023, we took a leap of faith, bidding farewell to the rat race of daily life in Ireland and embracing the serenity of France. Our journey led us to Larroque Haute Gites, where we, along with our two beloved white Labradors and busy bee hives, found our new home.

Not only did we embark on this exciting adventure, but we also became a part of the UK Channel 4 series 'Help! We bought a Village.' The cameras started rolling, capturing our experiences as we undertook the ambitious task of renovating and revitalizing Larroque Haute. It's been a journey of challenges, triumphs, and, most importantly, the joy of transforming a village.

Amidst the renovations, we've opened our doors to guests, sharing the beauty of our evolving village with those seeking a unique experience. With a background rooted in hospitality, our mission is to make your stay at Larroque Haute Gites truly extraordinary. Every detail is infused with care, ensuring your time here is memorable.

As we continue to write this chapter of our lives, we want to express our sincere hope that your stay with us is filled with warmth, relaxation, and the magic of a bygone era made modern. Your journey becomes a part of ours, and we're delighted to share this special place with you.

Thank you for choosing Larroque Haute Gites for your escape into the French countryside.

Warm regards, 

Carl & Tara